Three Steps to Being a Better Trans Ally

Transgender Awareness Week started yesterday, so make sure you’re ready to support the Trans and Nonbinary community, not just during #TransgenderAwarenessWeek, but all year long.

  1. Learn: Check out to help you learn more about what you can do to be a better ally to individuals who identify as transgender and/or nonbinary, no matter where you are on your ally journey.
  2. Watch: Re-watch our Supporting Trans and Nonbinary Loved Ones: What Would You Do? PFLAG Academy Online session to keep your allyship skills sharp and focused. Want to learn more about Nonbinary identities? Be sure to also take a look at What The +?: Understanding and Supporting Expansive LGBTQ+ Identities.
  3. Share: Use social media to help spread the word about virtual events in your community meant to commemorate Trans Awareness Week and the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

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